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Security Theorem is an organization specializing in providing information security services. It is formed by a group of like minded security professionals with an aim to provide protection to information and its assets at the highest level.

We at Security Theorem leverage our experience and knowledge on current security threats, security testing approaches, software development best practices in order to give our customers the best possible solution to protect their systems from the ever present threats on the internet. We help clients to spot, prioritize, and reduce risk in the most cost-effective way.

At Security theorem research on various areas of security like network, attack & defence, application analysis and many more is constantly underway. Many of these researches have been presented at well known international security conferences.

Our aim is to create a new benchmark for customer satisfaction and become global leaders in providing security consulting services. We hope to do this with the help of our huge client base as well as with our unique approach towards security.


Web App Pentesting

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Mobile App Pentesting

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Network Pentesting

An organizations servers, devices, workstations are the backbones of the IT... More                   


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Result Oriented Pentesting

Penetration testing has become an integral part of a security review process... More


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24 May 2014
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12 June 2014
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26 July 2014
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21 May 2015
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28 May 2015
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Linked(in) Engineering

27 June 2015
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What is the way forward?

16 September 2015
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At Security Theorem we are always looking to expand our global team with talented and passionate individuals. We offer a friendly work environment and provide a great knowledge sharing platform to build an individual.

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